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Communer is all about getting people together.
We believe that your community is a part of who you are.
Now you can easily manage, interact and get closer to your community

Stay Connected

Now its easy to stay connected with all of your community activites, events and updates

Smart & Simple

One smart app with all the practical things you need to take a bigger part of your community, easy, intuitive and simple to use

Looking to The Future

Be a part of a global community system, learn & explore other communities from the globe

Empower your community

Communer mobile app will lay out all the information from your community on a cut edge interface, sophisticated personalization and advanced features.

Integrate with other platforms

Facebook, YouTube, websites and much more.. There won’t be a place left for your community to hide.


 Discover new horizons

Find services and activities anywhere in the world, join new communities.

Create additional income

Your community enjoys new income source and is able now to do so much more for you.


“I think in today's day and age, where people use Smartphones for almost everything, especially young people, it is great that we can have an App where people can have instant information about the various events and activities out there, it's a wonderful way for our community to stay connected and be part of something bigger.”

Rabbi Michael Danow

Company Name: Chabbad on Campus

“The idea to create an international community application will inherently improve the way communities work today. Real time notifications would come in handy when organizing different events for the community, especially when there is so much going on at once. I believe that this will help to realign our shuls to today's modern technology.”

Rabbi Kenneth Hain

Company Name: Beth Shalom congregation, Lawrence NY

“I believe using Communer will empower our community and will help us reach out and let more people
be aware of everything we are doing”

Susie Gordon

Company Name: JCC Leeds, UK

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